Garland boy who loves garbage trucks gets to live out dream of being inside one

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A 3-year-old got to live out a big dream Friday when he got behind the wheel of a garbage truck.

The boy's name is Ollie, and his parents say watching the trucks pick up trash in his Garland neighborhood is the highlight of his day.

When the city found out, workers planned a special surprise for Ollie.

He got a close up tour of one of the city’s garbage trucks.

Ollie got to sit inside the cab, work the gears, and even pretend to drive.

His dad says the garbage trucks are his favorite thing in the world.

"Ollie is absolutely obsessed with these garbage trucks. He's got about 13 toy garbage trucks at his house,” Ollie’s dad, David Sharp, said. “He'll run to the back door and shout, ‘Garbage truck,’ then he wants to watch YouTube videos of garbage trucks. He just can't get over them.”

City workers who gave the tour said they had just as much fun as Ollie, and that seeing kids excited for the trucks rolling by always brightens their work day.