Frontier addresses rocky Verizon transition

It’s been almost eight weeks since Verizon Fios switched over to Frontier and the complaints about outages have not stopped.

The company announced a new action plan for Texas but seems to be of little help for people who are still without service.

Services outages, poor customer service and wait times too long to count are the most common complaints from Frontier Communications customers.

The company took over internet and television from Verizon Fios accounts more than a month ago.

Rachel McGalian is Frontier’s south region Vice President of Marketing. She admitted the switch has not gone smoothly.

“We were prepared, but if you think about… this is a large complex transaction. We transferred over 440 million data elements,” said McGalian. “And on top of all that, April was a tough weather month for all of us here in Texas and so that didn’t help our challenges either. But we’ve made progress and we’re focused on improving that in customer experience.”

Additional technicians were hired as part of the action plan. On top of 450 technicians, McGalian says they also brought in 11 technicians from Indiana to help through the end of the month along with 65 new contractors.

The action plan also added customers who were affected by outages would not be charged for the services.

“We absolutely apologize for the frustrations that our customers are experiencing. And we take every single one of their issues seriously,” said McGalian. “And we will take care of any customer who has contacted us with a service outage. We will apply a bill credit. No action is necessary on their part. We’ll do that proactively.”

McGalian said they will take individual cases with other complaints or those who want to cancel their contracts on a case-by-case basis.

“We understand the frustrations that our customers are experience and we want to take care of every single one of them,” McGalian said.

Any customers with complaints are urged to call 1-800-921-8101