Frisco woman in and out of hospital after coyote attack

A woman who was seriously injured in the latest coyote attack in Frisco is back home again, but facing a difficult recovery.

Marcia Foster, 47, and her friend were out running when they were attacked Monday morning. It was the fifth coyote attack in Frisco since October. A coyote that was later captured is now being tested to see if it is linked to the attacks.

Foster was supposed to be starting her job as a nurse practitioner Monday. Instead she has been in and out of the hospital.

David Combest is in Frisco helping as his daughter recover from an attack she fears could have killed her.

“She's in pain, she's got some swelling, she's not enjoying the rabies shots and right now she's exhausted,” Combest said.

Foster was wrapping up a run with her friend Sheri Devore early Monday morning in an area of El Dorado Parkway between North County and Granbury when an unusually aggressive coyote attacked.

“Just as they were getting back near where they parked, the coyote came up behind her and grabbed her on the calf and took her right down to the ground,” Combest said.

Foster and Devore ran, screamed and kicked trying to shake the animal until a passing motorist came to help.

Late Tuesday, Frisco police announced several coyotes had been captured -- including one believed responsible for the string of attacks.

“It has spooked her but, just having known her 45 years and change it won't slow her down much,” Combest said.

Combest says people should still keep their guard up.

Frisco police haven’t publicly state any timeline on when test results might give more details on the coyote. They are reminding people to still stay cautious if they are out in the affected area.