Frisco named the nation's fastest growing city

The fastest growing city in the country is in North Texas.

The U.S. Census Bureau says Frisco's population grew more than eight percent last year alone, with 13,000 new residents.

Great schools are one of the biggest draws to the city that is exploding with growth. How to keep them great with the fastest growth rate in the country can be a challenge.

Frisco ISD Deputy Superintendent Todd Fouche says the district is committed to keeping its high schools small.

“Surveyed the community. 4,000 responses to a survey. Do you want this student opportunity model? 80 percent said yes, we want that plan to continue,” he explained.

From the Cowboys Frisco Star to Toyota's headquarters in Plano, many companies are finding North Texas a perfect place to do business.

“Part of what Frisco has done is be lucky. They are in the right time at the right place,” said SMU Economist Mike Davis. “But I think they realize that. So they are trying to create the right infrastructure, roads, schools, public safety.”

But there are growing pains. Frisco Mayor Jeff Cheney says the city is working to plan for things like parks before it is too late.

“Reconstructing many roads. Residents have to live through. Something we are constantly working on is to be ahead of the growth not behind it,” the mayor said. “We have to find land now or we won't be able to find it later."