Frisco couple arrested in Massachusetts for weapons possession

A Frisco couple was arrested in Massachusetts after police found a large amount of weapons in their hotel room. The investigation now included the FBI and the ATF.

Francho Bradley, 59, and Adrianne Jennings, 40, are both now the subjects of an investigation that included the FBI and the ATF.

Police say Bradley called 911 on Sunday thinking someone was breaking into his hotel room. He was monitoring his room with a remote camera. But when officers got there, they found eight high capacity guns, including a grenade launcher, a bump stock and silencers.                       

Bradley has a license to carry in Texas, but that doesn't apply in Massachusetts.

Bradley and Jennings were arrested last week and arraigned in a Lowell, Mass. district court on Monday. They’re charged with multiple counts of possession of a large capacity firearm, multiple counts of improper storage of a large capacity firearm, three counts of possession of a silencer, one count of possession of a firearm without a license, one count of possession of ammunition without a license three counts of possession of an infernal machine and possession of a machine gun (bump stock).

When officers asked Bradley about the weapons he allegedly told them he "needed them for his mission" and that he was “working for a government agency dealing with a virus.”

Bradley also claimed to have played "prominent roles" in the Obama campaign and German government and said he "single-handedly saved a one-star general who was kidnapped a few years ago."

Robert Normandin is Bradley’s attorney. He told FOX 4 News by phone that police misinterpreted what Bradly was saying. Instead, he was trying to convince the military to imbed him with a unit and let him demonstrate products he had to sell and that most of the items are props.

"When all is said and done, the majority of the items that the commonwealth alludes to were not real working items,” Normandin claimed.

The attorney struggled to explain what Bradley’s business was, what he was selling and why high-power weapons would be needed. The physical address for Bradley's company, Enysma Engineering, is a UPS store in Coppell. The owner there says Bradley simply has a mailbox where he receives packages.

No one answered at Bradley's home in Frisco Monday afternoon.

Police in Massachusetts say they have been in contact with Frisco police about what, if any, dealings they have had with Bradley and Jennings. They report being told that Bradley called Frisco PD in 2013 to report his wife missing, saying she was a psych patient with mental issues.

In court on Monday, prosecutors told the judge that police learned both have mental health issues. An attorney for Jennings, who is described as Bradley's common-law wife, told the court she does not own any of the guns.

"Mere presence, mere knowledge is not enough to go forward on a complaint like this,” said attorney Thomas Combs who is representing Jennings.

Juanita Jennings is Adrianne Jennings’ stepmother. She says police in Massachusetts called her Sunday after Jennings and Bradley were arrested.

"It's crazy. It's shocking. I'm just baffled,” Juanita said. “I think when they first arrested them, they called me and I told them as much as I know."

Juanita says Jennings has been estranged from her family for some time. Her father recently suffered a stroke, and Juanita says she has not yet told him about the trouble his daughter finds herself in.

“They asked me did I know if they were mental or not. I told them I don't know,” Juanita said.

Bradley and Jennings are being held without bond. They will be back in court in suburban Boston on Friday for what's called a dangerousness hearing.

Bradley's attorney says he is a former police officer and a veteran of the military. FOX 4 has not been able to independently confirm that information.