Friends react to fiancé charged with murder in Rowlett mom's death

Bond is set at $3,000,000 for a man accused of paying two employees to kill his fiancé days before their upcoming wedding.      

Police arrested Ioannis Makris Thursday on capital murder charges, along with two other suspects.

Family and friends of Laura Grillo, found dead in her home back in November, are preparing themselves for the road ahead.

For the last six and a half months, Heather Nabor-Grace says there were times she worried Grillo's murder case would go cold.

“We were supposed to grow old together,” said Nabor-Grace. “We were supposed to be two crazy old women, sitting in rocking chairs, gossiping about neighbors.”

But on Thursday, she got the news that three men are in custody, facing capital murder charges. She was surprised by the news that Grillo's own fiancé orchestrated a murder for hire plot, paying his best man and employee Jesus Trevino to kill Grillo.

Police say another man, James Villeda, drove the get-away car and was also paid by Makris.

“In my heart, just something wasn't on the up and up. I mean, it's very sad, it's very sad. It's horrible,” said Nabor-Grace.

Makris talked to FOX 4 back in February when Trevino was named a person of interest. He told us he and Grillo had a child together. The 5-year-old girl is living with Grillo's friend, Nabor-Grace.

“She's real resilient, just going to get her into counseling and start her real young so that she can handle it,” said Nabor-Grace.

Nabor-Grace says she hopes to eventually adopt the little girl. Grillo's two other children are living out of state with their paternal families.