Freezing drizzle caused problems on the roadways

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The frigid overnight weather caused problems for drivers across North Texas Thursday morning.

Fort Worth emergency crews responded to more than 200 wrecks, and the unexpected icy conditions were much more far reaching.

The morning commute was not what many people expected.

Before the sun came up, freezing drizzle fell. TxDOT then sprang into action.

"We got the call around 5 a.m. that there was a situation, and as soon as we knew about it, we rolled out," said Val Lopez, TxDOT spokesman.

Unsuspecting motorists all over the Metroplex were caught off guard.

"I woke up this morning, and I actually received a text message from my mom. Be careful, the roads are slick. I was like wait, what happened!?" driver Hanna Webb said.

Webb dodged the traffic chaos, but hundreds of other motorists had to dial 911 because the pavement was precarious.

"From 4 o'clock this morning, 'til 9:30 a.m., we responded to over 200 calls for service," said Fort Worth PD officer Jimmy Pollozani.

"The crews were mostly focused on the bridges and overpasses," Lopez added.

Webb said her mother's text message was definitely the heads up she needed, but it was still dicey.

"I take a lot of back roads to work, so I wasn't even on the highway. Headed that way, but still super slick," Webb said.

She made it to work safely, others were not so lucky.