Four vehicles damaged by rock throwers on Katy Trail bridge in Uptown Dallas

More vehicles were damaged over the weekend in Uptown Dallas by unknown people throwing rocks.

Police are amping up patrols in the Katy Trail area after the latest incidents. Reports show similar incidents as far back as May. There have been three incidents in July that damaged vehicles.

The most recent incident was early Saturday morning and involved someone throwing rocks from the Katy Trail bridge at Maple Avenue. Four cars were damaged.

Maurey Washington thought random gunshots had found his windshield early Saturday as he drove through Uptown Dallas. Instead, it was a rock heaved from a Katy Trail bridge onto busy Maple Avenue.

“The impact was very great. It was something that will startle you. Kinda wake you up, especially if you weren’t expecting it to happen,” Washington said.

Washington quickly realized he wasn’t the first to be hit. Four cars were damaged and several drivers were forced to pull over, including the man behind the wheel of a Lamborghini.

Washington’s Honda was rendered nearly impossible to drive. A fix cost him nearly $200 and his valuable time.

“Maybe some people that are bored or whatever, but it takes really money to fix these problem and it takes time out of people’s days -- especially when people are working two jobs and trying to get by,” Washington said.

On July 1st, a FOX4 employee’s car was damaged by someone throwing a rock from the Katy Trail bridge near the entrance to the Dallas North Tollway. The very next day, in the same location, several drivers had minor injuries after their vehicles were hit.

Washington says it was the first time he’d visited that area of Dallas and never expected to be the victim of childish behavior that’s anything but child’s play.

“Saw your story before and I’m kinda shocked that it keeps going on, you know,” Washington said. “I hope it’s the last of it because we don’t want to end it with a fatality or somebody getting hurt.”

FOX 4 has also now learned of a reported incident there in mid-May when Matt Rafaele's car was hit. He says police told him it had been going on for a while.

“It's kind of scary because it's not going to be long before somebody gets really hurt, if not killed,” he said.

Dallas City Councilman David Blewett's district includes that portion of Uptown.

“This is a dangerous thing, and people need to be very careful out there,” he said.

Blewett doesn't blame Dallas PD's manpower issues, and he says DPD s responding to the problem.

“It's summer. There's a lot of incidents happening all over the city, and Dallas Police is aware of that. They have made some moves to address these issues on the Katy Trail,” he said. “I don't want to get into specifics of what they're doing, but we're very well aware of it and making moves to make sure that it's ended.”

Dallas police said they have daily overtime officers on bikes on the trail. They say they have also added extra patrols, including covert patrols.

Dallas police have been unable to locate any suspects.