Fort Worth wrong-way driver kills dad, injures mom, two children

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Fort Worth police say a wrong-way driver caused a bad crash that killed a man and badly injured his wife and two children.

The crash Friday night was so violent that the family's car went up in flames. People nearby including an off-duty officer rushed in to save who they could.

Vanessa Salcedo, 27, her son, 6, and her daughter, 4, are battling injuries from the head-on collision. Her husband, Jose Ricardo Salcedo, was killed in the crash.

Vanessa Salcedo’s brother, Mike Madrid, said that Jose loved his kids.

"Sports he's with them, coaching he's with them, everything. He does everything with him, they got matching bracelets and everything is pretty much big Rick, little Rick,” Madrid said.

The wreck happened late Friday night in Fort Worth near north main and Northwest Loop 820. Vanessa Salcedo was driving, her husband was in the passenger seat and the children were strapped in safety seats in the back.

The family was headed home after a trip to Walmart and bought burgers for the kids at a fast food restaurant. Police say a driver, confused by construction in the area, was driving the wrong way.

Both children were being treated at Cook Children's Hospital as of Monday. They are not yet aware their father did not survive.

"My sister got put in a wheel chair and wheeled across the street to Cook Children's from Harris for Mother's Day, still can't break the news to them though,” Madrid said.

Motorist Cody King saw the crash, was first to stop and hustled to get Melissa and the children to safety. As well an off-duty police officer made efforts to help, breaking a window during the rescue.

"I ran around the car. There was a little girl sitting there balling, took my knife out of my pocket and cut her belt,” King said. "Even doing as much as I was able I still feel like could've more, maybe I don't know... I don't even know the man but I know how much they were asking for him.”

Fort Worth police say the wrong-way driver's speed is something they're still investigating. Once determined, that information will be turned over to the DA for a final decision about possible charges. As of Monday, he was not charged with anything by police.

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