Fort Worth veteran's family moves into new, rent-free transitional home

A Navy veteran was welcomed into his new family home in Fort Worth Tuesday morning.

They get to live in the home rent-free while they transition from the constantly moving military life to everyday civilian life. 

It was an introduction not soon to be forgotten for U.S. Navy Petty Officer Second Class Max Best and his family.

They are the latest recipients of Operation Homefront which helps veterans with families get off to a good civilian life start.  The food corporation Pillsbury is a partner sponsor.

A brand-new home in Fort Worth is theirs for a few years while they build their savings and get established.

"Returning to civilian life is going to be a challenge, and there’s no way to make that easy," said Pillsbury spokeswoman Enny Jonker. "However, hopefully this home will make that a little easier."

The family was at first speechless but undoubtedly overjoyed.

"This home is amazing," said Best’s wife, Jada Scott. "I would’ve never expected eight months ago we’d be stepping into a brand-new build."

"It’s huge for my family," Best said. "This point today is what is going to make my family’s future. This is one for the history books for my family."

After about three years, the Bests will strive to purchase their next home and a new military family will move into this one.  But for now, it’s a time to soak it all in.

 "It’s unbelievable," Best said.