Nightmare home sale leads Minnesota couple to arbitration

It was a problematic home sale: a failed retaining wall, the ground infilled with unopened bags of mulch, wallpaper concealing holes in the walls, the backyard slipping away into the nearby creek and an unpermitted porch structure on the verge of falling away with it.

City of Dallas asks for help to shelter the homeless this upcoming winter

Unlike last year when the city received federal funds to shelter the homeless in hotels, that funding is no longer available this year, and hotel prices are higher. The city of Dallas is hoping that its new inclement weather policy will also help open the doors to the homeless all around the city rather than the concentrated services that are downtown.

Non-profit working to end veteran homelessness

A non-profit founded by veterans to serve veterans is focused on ending veteran homelessness. U.S. Vets is helping homeless veterans and their families gain independence and freedom that they helped fight for.

Special education students running Dallas high school food pantry to help homeless kids

The pantry to help students in need was started about six years ago by a teacher. But when the pandemic hit and volunteers could no longer come inside the school to help, special education students stepped up. It’s a win-win situation that helps students in need while also helping special education students develop life and work skills.

Dallas apartment complex ordered to make fixes months after damaging fire

A 60-year old woman’s apartment kitchen caught fire while she was sleeping on Aug. 3. Nearly three months later, next to nothing has been fixed by the complex. The complex is owned by the same group that owns Highland Hills Apartments across the street, where an apartment building exploded last month following a shooting that police say caused a gas leak.

Workshop held to help Dallas County renters, landlords with rental assistance

A workshop for renters and landlords covered the mounds of money available for people behind on their rent after losing wages because of the pandemic. The two groups stood side by side in a place where they are typically squared off with a landlord evicting a tenant: in a justice of the peace courtroom.

On Your Side: Little Elm, Big Problem

No insurance. No permits. One Little Elm homeowner says she had no idea what she was getting into. Her experience just might make or break your next home project.