Fort Worth shooting suspect found sleeping in car at White Settlement park

Officers in the Fort Worth suburb of White Settlement found more than they expected when they went to check on someone sleeping in a car.

White Settlement police released dash camera footage this week of the encounter. 

As an officer approached the car, he spotted several guns and two young men asleep inside. One of them was wanted for a shooting in Fort Worth at a party in an Airbnb rental.

City parks close at 11 p.m. in White Settlement. So when the officer saw a car in the parking lot, he decided to check it out. That’s when he saw two people sleeping inside. Turns out one of them was wanted for murder in Fort Worth.

Dash camera video shows the moment a White Settlement officer made the surprising discovery at Central Park in White Settlement early Monday morning.

"He stumbled upon a vehicle that was parked there. Initially, he thought it was unoccupied," explained White Settlement Police Chief Chris Cook.

But then the officer spotted two people inside sleeping. 

"Shined his flashlight in," Cook said. "He noticed two firearms, handguns in plain view and also some marijuana in plain view."

The officer called for backup and took the pair into custody.

The Two brothers were 17-year-old Colin Williams and 18-year-old Deion Williams.

"They had no idea that one of the occupants was wanted in a homicide that occurred back in January," Cook said.

It turns out Fort Worth police had issued a warrant for the 17-year-old’s arrest in connection with the January 16th murder of 18-year-old Daequon Macon.

Police say Macon was shot and killed at a house party on Glen Abbey Drive in South Fort Worth.

Joyce Mwangi lives nearby and remembers hearing gunshots in the middle of the night.

"I ducked and hid obviously," she said. "That was scary cause it felt so close."

Mwangi told FOX 4 she didn’t know anyone at the party because they’d rented the house for the weekend on Airbnb.

"That was unexpected because this is a very quiet neighborhood. Very safe," she said.

The younger Williams brother faces two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and deadly discharge of a firearm. His older brother is charged with marijuana possession, unlawful carrying and theft of a firearm.

"I’m also thankful that they complied," Cooks said. "They came out with their hands up, and they were taken into custody without incident."

Cook says he does not believe the two brothers have any ties to White Settlement. Both are now behind bars at the Tarrant County jail.