Fort Worth range offers gun training for moms

More Texas women are learning to shoot and defend themselves and their families. Now there’s a new indoor shooting ranger in Fort Worth offering classes tailored to women.

Jerah Hutchins is one of the instructors at Defender Outdoors. She says women are pulling the trigger more and more.

“When women first come here the name of the game is comfort, getting comfortable with that firearm. And then over time… accuracy,” she said.

Defender Outdoors offers classes for women only taught by female instructors. There’s even wine and hors d’oeuvres after the class.

“You can learn the fundamentals and that foundation and then, again, that fear is replaced with understanding and then people absolutely fall in love with it and they love coming back here,” Hutchins said.

There are also classes where moms can learn the fundamentals and safety techniques specifically for parents.

“We actually do some in-depth segments on safe storage techniques around children, how to talk to your kids about guns and good habits to instill in your kids about guns,” Hutchins said.

A new reports show there are more than 1 million people licensed to carry a handgun in Texas, including about 270,000 women. Hutchins believes it is important for all gun owners to have regular training.