Fort Worth principal apologizes after 'Dress Like a Student Day' angers parents

O.D. Wyatt Principal Howard Robinson issued an apology on Thursday after faculty members participating in ‘Dress Like a Student Day’ angered parents.

"I assume full responsibility for the oversight made when I posted photos on our school's Facebook Page without conducting a proper review," said Robinson in the apology. "The intent was not to demean or mock our students at Wyatt Nation."

The post included photos FOX 4 has chosen not to show, with educators imitating students' style. Staff members dressed in pajamas, hair bonnets with blankets and one even wore an ankle monitor.

The employee who posted the photos described it as being a "high school in the ghetto."

"Undoubtedly, this incident has provided us with valuable lessons, and I am confident that we will emerge from this experience even stronger and more united," Robinson said. "Moving forward, I assure you that I will exercise increased vigilance and thoughtfulness in my role as the principal."


Fort Worth principal faces possible disciplinary action after 'Dress Like a Student Day' angered parents

Educators imitated students' style with some dressing in pajamas, hair bonnets with blankets and one who wore an ankle monitor.

Robinson faced possible disciplinary action from the school district due to the incident.

Parents and others close to the campus tell FOX 4 principal Howard Robinson was abruptly removed from campus after photos circulated online. The district would not confirm those reports.

Robinson's apology indicated that he will be at graduation next week.

"Together, we will rise above this momentary setback and become an even stronger force for positive change," Robinson said.