Fort Worth principal faces possible disciplinary action after 'Dress Like a Student Day' angered parents

The fallout continues over a recent 'Spirit Day' where teachers dressed like students at O.D. Wyatt High School in Fort Worth.

The school's principal is facing possible disciplinary action.

The school district will not confirm the information, however parents and others close to the campus tell FOX 4 principal Howard Robinson was abruptly removed from campus.

"Mr. Robinson is literally at the mercy of the board, and we’re hoping the board makes the right decision and brings him back on campus," said Steven Johnson, a former O.D. Wyatt principal.

Johnson says the district's reaction to the matter should take into consideration Robinson's entire body of work, including the school's academic improvements.

"He loves the kids. He’s out at every activity there is. He spends more time with the kids probably than he does his own family. These are the type of people you look for to lead your campuses," Johnson said of Robinson.

Earlier this month, the district confirmed it was investigation a school employee's Facebook post recounting the day in question. The post included photos FOX 4 has chosen not to show, with educators imitating students' style. Many dressed in pajamas, hair bonnets with blankets and one even wore an ankle monitor.

The employee described it as being a "high school in the ghetto."

It is unclear if any of those employees were disciplined.

The post frustrated some who commented that it creates a stigmatized perception of struggling neighborhoods.

O.D. Wyatt alum Terry Miles has remained connected to the campus for decades. He feels the recent ‘Spirit Day’ should be a learning experience and not repeated, but not a dagger to Robinson's career.

"Everyone should have accountability, I’m not saying accountability should be negated in any way, but this one thing is not that bad that these steps should’ve been taken," said Miles.

Miles and Johnson say they will be among an expected crowd at tonight's school board meeting to make public comment.

"If you look at the total body of work that is being promoted at Oscar Dean Wyatt High School, Mr. Robinson has definitely done more than enough to represent Wyatt in a positive way," said Johnson.

FOX 4 inquired with the school district about the status of Howard Robinson. The district responded saying that it does not comment on personnel matters.