Fort Worth police chief drops all rioting charges from city protests

The Fort Worth Police Department is dropping all rioting charges from protests last week.

Nearly 50 people were arrested on May 31 for rioting during a protest. Officers claimed frozen water bottles and some bottles filled with bleach were thrown at officers. 

Police ended up using flash bangs, smoke and tear gas to clear the bridge. Since then, police say protests have been peaceful.

In a statement on Monday night, the chief said the cry for police reform must start at home.

“Words are a start, but must be backed up with action.  To that end, I have dropped all charges for rioting that have resulted from the protests in Fort Worth, and each individual that was arrested for that violation will be notified by letter that their charges have been dropped,” said Fort Worth Police Chief Ed Kraus. “This is just one step on a long journey, but I hope it shows that the FWPD is committed to walking the path of reform with our community."

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