Fort Worth parents of girl on life support seek different hospital for care

The parents of the 9-year-old girl on life support at Cook Children’s Medical Center have contacted more hospitals in hopes one will take her case.

Payton Summons was in cardiac arrest and unconscious when she arrived at the Fort Worth Children's Hospital one week ago.

Doctors and nurses were unable to revive Payton, and the hospital says she is brain dead. Her parents believe she will recover, but they need to find another hospital to care for her.

Attorneys for the 9-year-old’s family and Cook Children’s Medical Center will be headed back to court on Friday. They’ll re-examine a judge’s 14-day restraining order that keeps Payton on life support. The hospital says the child is brain dead.

Attorney Mac Stewart is not associated with the case, but specializes in medical cases involving health care providers.

“Once you make that determination, the question becomes what do you do with that information,” Stewart said.

Payton was admitted to Cook Children’s a week ago with cardiac arrest. She has a tumor near her heart.

“There is a statutory process created in Texas to create the very process that will allow people to engage in the dialogue,” Stewart explained.

Payton’s family has said they want time to find another medical facility that will keep her on life support. The parents believe she has a chance to recover.

“That’s one reason why the statute allows transfer to facilities that are willing to undertake the care,” Stewart said.

“People I’ve never met have reached out to me personally and prayed for me and my family and I thank them,” said Tiffany Hofstetter, Payton’s mother.

Stewart says he’s seen many similar cases and it’s always heartbreaking for both sides.

“They spend a lot of time agonizing over this,” he said. “I’ve attended ethics meetings with the family and it’s heart wrenching for both sides.”

Cook's Children says the family has revoked their consent to release any information or updates about Payton's condition.