Fort Worth officers going to services for slain Baton Rouge cops

Fort Worth police are traveling to Louisiana for the funerals of the three officers who were ambushed and killed in Baton Rouge.

Just last week, some of Baton Rouge’s officers were in North Texas. Thousands of law enforcement officers from departments across the country came to honor the five officers killed in the July 7 Dallas ambush.

“We're wondering when are we going to be able to take off these mourning bands and when are we going to be able to raise the flags,” said Fort Worth officer Jimmy Pollozani, who is traveling to Louisiana for the services.

Sunday's ambush killings of three officers in Baton Rouge happened before the last Dallas officer was laid to rest.

"Waking up the next day and finding out what happened in Louisiana, it's very disheartening that we had to put that mourning band over our badge,” Pollozani said.

Fort Worth is one of many North Texas police departments honoring their tradition by traveling to give comfort and support to another department with a fallen officer. The department is sending four officers, including Pollozani, to Baton Rouge for Officer Matthew Gerald’s funeral.

"We understand the importance of supporting another brother in blue our line of work,” Pollozani said. “When one bleeds, we all bleed.”

Other Fort Worth officers will travel to Louisiana for Deputy Brad Garafola's funeral on Saturday and Officer Montrell Jackson’s funeral on Monday.

"We thought hopefully this would be the end of such mass casualty that we experienced,” Pollozani said. “But here we are again, less than a week later. We're hoping we never have to make this type of trip again."