Fort Worth officer shooting suspect released from jail

The man facing charges for his role in the shooting of a Fort Worth police officer was released from jail Wednesday on bond.

Ed McIver Jr. posted his $17,000 bond on Tuesday. He was fitted with an ankle monitor before he was freed Wednesday morning.

A judge lowered his bail amount from $2 million after a Tarrant County grand jury refused to indict him last week. The Tarrant County District Attorney immediately re-filed an attempted capital murder charge, a gun charge and a drug charge and intends to take the case to a new grand jury.

Since McIver Jr. was not indicted within 90 days, he was entitled to a reasonable bond and the chance to get out of jail. McIver had been in jail since March. His attorney did not say what his legal steps will be.

“I’m happy, his family is happy,” said Brian Walker, McIver’s attorney. “We're all elated that he's going to get a taste of freedom for a while.”

Prosecutors introduced dash cam video during a bond hearing this week. The video shows the younger McIver jump out of the passenger seat with a shotgun. McIver’s attorney said his client never fired any shots.

McIver’s father, a wanted felon, was killed in the shootout with police. Officer Matt Pearce was seriously injured, but survived.