Fort Worth Main Street Arts Festival closed Saturday due to storms

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UPDATE: The Fort Worth Main Street Arts Festival will be closed on Saturday due to storms.

The festival is set to reopen on Sunday.


The Fort Worth Main Street Arts Festival will go on rain or shine this weekend, unless the weather gets too out of hand.

But there are teams in place ready to make that last-minute decision.

The popcorn at festivals is predictable, but North Texas weather, not so much

"It's the Fort Worth Arts Festival and we always have, we're guaranteed one day of rain. It always happens to us,” vendor Lianne Cash said.

Crowds swarmed the streets of downtown Fort Worth Friday for the Main Street Arts Festival, but they’re finding it hard to believe storms are on the way.

"I love it. That's why I'm a Texan, because you never know what the weather is going to be like. So we'll have a rainy day tomorrow. It might be 30 or it might be 50, who knows," said Kathy Greathouse.

Just east of the festival, the City of Arlington is in storm stand-by mode, ready to respond to possible storm aftermath.

There are two new mobile emergency response trailers to help clear pathways littered with downed trees or other debris that could endanger citizens.

“It really increases our overall response times in severe weather events," said Richard Carmichael, Arlington Public Works operations manager.

At the arts festival, vendors and supporters are keeping a close watch on the skies, but for artists with delicate, breakable wares, the wind is their biggest concern.

"If there's wind, we'll just take everything and put it down and box it up. We've got very delicate, fragile things, yeah," Art vendor Pamela Summers said.

"We'll anchor everything down, we'll come up early in the morning and clean up after the storms left us, and get ready for another day," Cash added.