Fort Worth 10-year-old boy in his bed shot in drive-by shooting

Fort Worth police are investigating an apparent drive-by shooting that injured a 10-year-old boy late Wednesday night.

A bullet hole can be seen in the front window of a home off Malvern Trail in Southeast Fort Worth. Wednesday night, police say a child in the home was shot in the leg during a drive-by.

Family members tell FOX 4 the victim is a 10-year-old boy, and there were other children in the home at the time of the shooting. 

Multiple other bullet holes can be seen near the window as well. 

According to investigators, just after midnight early Thursday morning, officers were dispatched to JPS Hospital to a gunshot victim who had arrived by private vehicle. 

The 10-year-old told officers he was lying in bed when he heard gunfire outside. Police say the shooter took off. 

Wednesday evening, neighbor Tanya Franklin immediately went to check on her grandson and then looked at the clock. 

"I noticed it was 11:22 when it happened. So if anything comes up, I wanted to let everyone know what time it happened," she said.

Another neighbor says his Ring doorbell didn’t catch the shooting on video. It only captured him peaking outside at 11:25 p.m. after hearing the gunshots. 

"I have grandchildren that come over. We’ve never had any problems," Franklin said.

Fort Worth police say no one has been arrested in the drive-by shooting. Detectives do not believe this was a targeted attack, but they did not elaborate.

Franklin, who is a mother and a grandmother, is just thankful the 10-year-old survived.

"Praise the Lord. Thank God for that because oh my goodness. That is shocking to me," she said. "We don’t need that around here."

Fort Worth police say there are no city cameras in the area, but they are looking through private cameras at e moment for a possible vehicle description.