Fort Worth firefighters give elementary school new washer, dryer

A Fort Worth elementary school got an early Christmas gift from firefighters.

The Fort Worth Fire Department and Fort Worth Firefighter Charities stepped up to deliver a new washer and dryer. The delivery will help students at Maude I. Logan Elementary School look and feel their best.

“We feel like that it's really important to invest back in the community that trusts us with their lives and invests in us,” Mike Drivdahl, Fort Worth Fire Department Charities.

It’s a need met after firefighters noticed the old units during a recent visit to the school.

“No one at this school has been around as long as those washers and dryers,” said Steven Moore, principal.

Moore said clean clothes have a direct impact on learning.

“Kids will feel better when their clothes are looking as best as they could be,” Moore said.

The school does about three loads of laundry a day -- students may soil themselves and some families lack access to a washer and dryer.

Lowes donated detergent to go along with the gifts that keep on giving.

“It just really makes me feel good that without even asking they just saw a need and they stepped up to the plate,” Moore said.