Fort Worth firefighters care for newborn baby left at fire station

A baby that was just hours old was dropped off at a fire station in Fort Worth Thursday morning.

The Fort Worth Fire Department said someone dropped the newborn off at Fire Station 38 on Park Vista Boulevard around 8:30 a.m.

The child is now safe and is in good health. Firefighters were able to care for it until Child Protective Services agents arrived, the fire department said.

"It is a real tough decision to make for a parent to do this," said Mike Drivdahl with the Fort Worth Fire Department. "We applaud the fact that, in this case, the parent made a decision that's gonna allow that child to be cared for and be in good hands."

State law allows parents to confidentially drop of infants younger than 60 days old at Safe Baby Sites including hospitals and fire stations as a safe alternative to abandonment.

The fire department credits the non-profit organization Alliance for Children for playing a crucial part in training for the Safe Baby program.