Fort Worth community targeted by burglar

Overnight break-ins at a Fort Worth community have residents on edge after a burglar stole several guns.

Home security cameras at a neighborhood near Eagle Mountain Lake captured a suspect wearing a hoodie and gloves and carrying a backpack.

Residents think it's very brazen that the suspect was working the neighborhood for a couple of hours starting at about 2 a.m. Friday morning.

Home security video shows someone making three trips into a garage. He discovered a gun safe and takes about a half dozen guns.

Bobbie-Jo Russell said her home is one of several homes that were hit overnight. She does want to talk to get the word out.

"It doesn't matter where you live, you're always walking a fine line of being a victim,” said Russell.

About a half hour after the gun theft, she believes the same person got into her car in the driveway, found the garage door opener and went in.

She and her husband believe in home protection. Russell shudders at the thought of what could have happened if the burglar had made it past the garage.

"He could have come into my house with a firearm,” she said. “It's unsettling and infuriating at the same time.”

Most people in the lake country community near Eagle Mountain Lake have security cameras.

The Russells hope someone may know who the person is on the video. He’s wearing a hoodie and gloves and carrying a backpack.

"If they know who he is somebody may know, call police and let them help,” said Brain Russell.

Fort Worth police also think surveillance video can be valuable. Beginning Friday, the department started database system so police know who has security cameras and where they are. But the system is voluntary to those who want to participate.

People who live in the community here say the person needs to be caught.

"You know the guns aren't going to be sold at a pawn shop or anything like that,” said Russell. “They're not going to be legal sales. Gonna be hard to trace them."

Russell says she doesn't think the person was working alone. Residents think at least one other person may have been following in a car as he looked for opportunities to break in.