Fort Worth auto dealer battling bed bug infestation

The Fort Worth location of a car retailer is fighting a beg bug infestation and working with the city to fix the problem. However, one worker believes the company could be doing more.

Drive Time Auto Corporation, the country's biggest ‘Buy here, pay here’ auto dealer, is fighting a tiny and pesky competitor at its loan servicing center in Fort Worth.

Workers shared pictures with FOX 4 of the problem the company admits its battled for months – bed bugs. City code enforcement confirms its investigating complaints of employees being bitten.

A worker, who wanted to remain anonymous, says it’s a tense, difficult environment.

"Their steps to fix it have just been a band aid. Fixing it has just been moving agents from the infested areas,” the worker said. “I've seen too many people bitten there, and you just wonder ‘Am I going to be next?’"

A Drive Time executive released a statement to FOX 4 saying the company has taken great effort to fix the problem.

The city of Fort Worth says it received 43 bed bug complaints over the last year. All of the reports involve motels, homeless shelters and half-way houses.

The anonymous worker believes the company could do more to put the bed bugs to rest.

"You're talking about computer cords. You might feel that across your feet, and it just makes you really jumpy,” the worker said. “It's scary. You think about how these bugs could be biting me and I won't know it."

The city of Fort Worth says Drive Time has proven it is dealing with the problem. The company provided pest control receipts dating back to January.

Occupational Safety and Health Administration also confirmed it received a complaint about the bed bugs and has given the company until April 13 to respond with its remedy.