Fort Worth animal shelters overflowing, new pet and foster families urgently needed

Fort Worth is offering extra help to would-be pet owners in the hopes of easing overcrowding.

A dog flu outbreak forced the city to close one of its shelters. Now a second shelter is struggling to handle intakes.

But the city said it will never turn away a pet in need.

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It is asking people to consider either adopting or fostering a cat or dog to help with the overflow.

"We have lots of available resources for people to be able to keep their pets in their homes. Free vaccinations, dog food, additional training support," said Anastasia Ramsey, the acting head of the Chuck & Brenda Silcox Animal Shelter.

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There are several adoption events coming up including National Adoption Weekend this Saturday and Sunday at PetSmart stores in the area.

For more information on adoptions or a list of available pets, visit