Former Southlake swim coach arrested after 13-year-old drowns

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A former swim coach for Carroll ISD in Southlake was recently indicted and arrested for the drowning of a student last year.

13-year-old Elise Cerami drowned during swim practice in June 2016. The indictment says the former swim coach, Tracey Boyd, was not monitoring or failed to have someone monitor the kids to make sure they were safe.

Elise's drowning was a bit of a mystery. She was a skilled swimmer and at the Aquatics Center with her teammates at the time of her drowning. Now, her former coach is accused of failing to help her.

Lori Cerami has become a water safety advocate ever since her 13-year-old daughter drowned. She is featured in a campaign by Fort Worth's Cook Children's Health Care System.

“Fifteen minutes into warm up, Elise was found unresponsive at the bottom of the pool by her teammates,” Lori said in a campaign video. “No one heard her drown. No one saw her drown, and no one was actively scanning the water."

Now, Elise's former assistant swim coach at the school, Tracey Boyd, is charged with abandoning or endangering a child by criminal negligence.

The indictment reads that Boyd failed "to watch or observe Elise while [she] was in a swimming pool" or failed "to ensure that Elise was watched or observed by another responsible individual."

According to Boyd's LinkedIn profile, she now teaches private swim lessons. Carroll ISD released a statement saying Boyd no longer works there and that "It is not aware of any facts arising out of those circumstances that would support charges or an indictment."

After her daughter's death, Elise's mom started the Swim-4-Elise Foundation, which raises money for water safety education and swim scholarships.

FOX 4 reported on a 5K benefit for the cause in April, during which Lori spoke about the unusual nature of Elise's drowning.

“You're not drown-proof. Things can happen,” she said in the April interview. “My daughter was healthy. There was nothing wrong with her. Things can happen, and we need to be attentive to the water.”

Boyd and her attorney could not be reached for comment. Elise's family released a statement saying, “the charge against Tracey Boyd describes her conduct, and we believe that the district attorney will devote the full resources of their office to the case against Boyd.”