Former soldier gets 75 years for murdering Good Samaritan in Arlington

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A former Fort Hood soldier was found guilty of killing a Good Samaritan in Arlington and sentenced to 75 years in prison.

A judge convicted and sentenced Ricci Bradden on Thursday for the murder of TJ Antell in April 2016. Antell confronted Bradden in a Walgreen’s parking lot after Bradden shot his former wife in the ankle. Antell tried to stop him from driving off and was shot and killed.

Surveillance video of the confrontation was shown in court. Officials said Antell was just trying to keep Bradden from fleeing the scene.

The victim's wife, Crystal Antell, said the death of her husband still haunts her and her children.

"We can never, ever go to another corner store, we can't drive down certain streets. We can't do anything because they ask me, is that the store where daddy was killed," Crystal said.

During victim impact statements, she said there won't ever be justice because her husband can't be brought back.

Bradden's ex-wife, who was injured but survived the shooting, said she's trying to move forward with her life.

"I wake up everyday and I smile and try to be strong because I'm blessed to still be here," Quenisha Johnson said.

Bradden’s defense attorney said he disagrees with the judge’s ruling and plans to appeal.

“First off, I have high regard for Judge Louis Sturns in FTW. I obviously disagree with his ruling on finding my client, Ricci Bradden, guilty of murder. We will appeal as the "Castle doctrine" needs some appellate cases to give judges more direction on some provisions of the law,” Attorney Pete Schulte said on Twitter.

In addition to the 75-year sentence for first-degree murder, Bradden also received a 20-year sentence for aggravated assault and shooting his former wife, Johnson. The sentences will run concurrently.