Former clients testify in botched butt injections trial

The woman on trial for illegal buttocks injections faced some of her other clients in court.

The state's final witnesses gave the jury on Friday a glimpse into the actual process of getting the black market cosmetic injections.

The women said they paid Denise “Wee-Wee” Ross hundreds of dollars per session for what they believed was a medical grade silicone and saline solution injected into their backsides to make them bigger.

Ross is accused of murder, practicing medicine without a license and causing the death of 34-year-old Wykesha Reid, who developed major complications during a procedure.

The women who testified were also described as victims. One of them told the jury she heard about Ross through a friend, who set up the visit. She said the first time she paid Ross $350 for a half session and later followed up with a second session.

“It hurt,” she said. “[The pain] was like a 10 or sometimes even more.”

One of the owners of GT Products in grapevine testified that Ross purchased thousands of dollars worth of industrial grade silicone from the company over a three-year period, sometimes as much as 80 gallons at a time.

The silicone the company makes is meant for use with the auto, aerospace and arts and crafts industries. According to the company vice president, it was never meant for medical use or to enter the human body.

The state is expected to rest its case on Monday.