Florida mom's OnlyFans car decal leads to kids' expulsion from Christian school

A Central Florida mom was forced to drop her kids off across the street from their school after concerns were raised about a decal on her car promoting her OnlyFans account. Now, her children have been expelled from the Christian school as a result. 

The school board at Liberty Christian Preparatory School sent a letter to Michelle and Randy Cline on Monday, which detailed their decision to terminate their family's enrollment, effective immediately. Administrators accused the Clines of "producing and distributing pornography via a pornographic website" and "creating additional disruption" by speaking to local news media, according to the letter obtained by FOX 35. 

FOX 35 previously reported that Cline had vinyl decals on the back of her and her husband's cars to promote her side hustle. OnlyFans is a website that allows customers to pay for access to "exclusive" content they won’t find on other social media platforms and is well-known for its sexual content. Cline, however, said her link does not include explicit content and is a source of income for her family. 

Because of these decals, Liberty Christian Preparatory School became concerned and said she could either remove the decal or not come onto campus. Now, the school has made a more decisive decision to expel Cline's children from attending the school. 


"As we discussed with you both previously, when School administration learned that you were displaying a sticker promoting a pornographic website on your vehicles, we confronted you and did not immediately terminate our partnership with your family," the letter said. "Despite this wrong, LCPS desired to show love to your family, and particularly your children. We asked you to remove the advertisement or park off-site.

"We hoped this loving confrontation would cause you to reconsider and repent of these sins. We hoped to continue ministering to your children and hoped that the conversation would result in your repentance and a change of your behavior."

Instead, the school said Cline placed an even larger decal on her car, referencing the school's request to remove the original one. 

"My kids' private school had a problem with the small decal on my super duty back window," the sticker said, according to the letter. 


The letter also cites a Florida law that "makes it a crime for a person to "knowingly exhibit for a monetary consideration to a minor … a motion picture’ or knowingly provide a minor with ‘an admission ticket or pass’ to specific sexual content." The school also referenced another statute that says "an adult may not knowingly distribute to a minor on school property, or post on school property…" 

LCPS said this decision "linked Michelle's actual identity and public behavior with the identity of her children," leading to their expulsion. Furthermore, the school said the Clines broke an agreement they signed with the school upon enrolling their children, which says "a parent or student causing unresolved disharmony and conflict with staff or other parents" could result in expulsion. 

If Cline removes the decals, takes down her OnlyFans account, and desires to "seek repentance and restoration," school leadership said they could reconsider reinstating her children. 

Jeremy Thomas, head of the school, sent the following statement to FOX 35 on Tuesday afternoon:

Liberty Christian Preparatory School is taking appropriate action to protect the innocence of children. Pornography is a vice and a sexual sin that destroys lives and breaks up marriages. The negative impact of pornography on youth can result in future long-term relationship issues. Consuming, producing, distributing, or advertising pornography is inconsistent with the teachings of the Bible, the Church, and LCP. Scripture is clear that anyone who causes children to sin will be subject to the judgment of Christ, absent sincere repentance and turning from sin to Him. Christ came to save sinners, and died so that all can enter into eternal life and experience His joy. LCP desires to help families nurture and educate their children in the love of God and what is good. LCP does not intend to comment further at this time, but reserves the right should circumstances require.