Flash flooding causes major damage in Ellicott City, Md.

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Storms brought torrential rain to Howard County, Md. on Saturday night, causing severe flooding. Historic Ellicott City appears to have been hit hardest, with two people dying in the disaster. 

Vehicles were left abandoned along roads, and in some cases, the rushing waters ran through businesses and homes. Amazingly, there were no reports of any injuries late Saturday.

FOX 5 viewer Karry Chico Brown shared the video below on was posted on our FOX 5 DC Facebook page. It was shot from the balcony of the Phoenix Emporium, and shows what happened along Main Street, as water rushed past. A car is seen being pushed through the street by the current. 

FOX 5's Lindsay Watts talked to residents along Frederick Road who had water in their homes. At one point, one man told Watts the water was up to his chest. Vehicles were abandoned along the sides of the road. Residents told FOX 5 the dangerous waters rose in a matter of minutes.

Jessica Watsula, 35, of Lebanon Pennsylvania died in the flooding. Her brother told police that she and family members were visiting Ellicott City when the flash flood occurred. They were inside Watsula's vehicle when it was swept away and all but Watsula managed to escape. 

Joseph Anthony Blevins, 38, also died in the flood. He and his girlfriend were visiting Ellicott City when the flood hit and were swept away in their vehicle. Blevins' girlfriend managed to escape, but he was swept away. 

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