Firefighters, city worker hurt in Arlington gas line fire

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An Arlington firefighter and water department employee were both released from the hospital after being hurt when a natural gas line caught fire. A second firefighter was kept overnight as a precaution.

Workers were digging up a water line in central Arlington when they hit a gas line Sunday afternoon.

Atmos Energy and the fire department were called. They were on scene at the intersection of Ditto Avenue and Dugan Street around 7 p.m. when the gas ignited, injuring the firefighter and the city worker.

Arlington police shut down the surrounding roads while crews worked to keep the fire under control. There were no evacuations.

“We’re letting it burn deliberately. These kinds of gas leaks, the only way we can stop the fire is to cut the fuel source off so what we are doing is just keeping the area cool. We’re protecting the power lines and homes,” said Arlington Fire Department Assistant Chief Bill Self.

Some roads south of Abrams Road and east of Collins Street were still closed Monday morning. The fire is no longer burning but crews are still making repairs.