Firefighter avoids injuries in Sunnyvale road rage shooting

Dallas County sheriff's investigators are looking for any surveillance video that might have captured a road rage shooting involving a Dallas firefighter.

The first responder was not hit, but he told police he brake checked the other driver and then heard gunfire.

Tony Aguilar is a firefighter who drives emergency vehicles for Dallas Fire-Rescue. On Tuesday afternoon, he says he believes he may have been caught in the middle of a violent chase between two other vehicles.

Aguilar has bullet holes in his Honda Sedan. One of the bullets went through his trunk. Another one hit one of his tires.

The incident happened in Sunnyvale. Aguilar says he was eastbound on Tripp Road when a maroon Lexus came up behind going very fast. He says he brake checked the driver hoping to slow him down some. He says that vehicle then went into a grassy area on his right then swerved behind him once again and went around him.

At that time, Aguilar says he heard four gunshots and also saw a second vehicle, a black SUV, coming from behind him going very fast as well.

"In the job that I do with the fire department, I knew immediately that it was gunshots. So I ducked. I was ducking and trying to maintain my lane, so I knew what it was,” he recalled. “Then I was just focused on trying to get as much information as I could. I wanted to get a plate number, but that Lexus when he got around me was gone."

Aguilar says the same went for the second vehicle. Both were going too fast for him to get any of the plate number or a look at the drivers.

The bullet that hit Aguilars’ trunk came dangerously close to striking the interior of his car and possibly hitting him.

The Dallas County Sheriff's Office is hoping to locate video. There are appealing to homeowners along the stretch of Tripp Road or a business anywhere on the street between Belt Line and Collins who may have surveillance video that captured a glimpse of the vehicles. The time range would've been between 3:30 p.m. and 5 p.m. Tuesday afternoon.