Fire destroys Lake Highlands apartment building, knocks out power for others

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An apartment fire Monday night in northeast Dallas left many in the cold, even some whose apartments were not damaged in the fire.

The three-alarm fire at Wintree Condominiums in East Dallas destroyed 14 units and also knocked out power to the adjacent building, all in the midst of freezing temperatures.

“I thought my feet were going to fall off last night. Like we were in the car asleep and I woke up and my feet were freezing,” said resident Amanda Works. “Yeah, no heat or water.”

About a dozen people who were suddenly left without electricity and water for hours overnight.

“Right now I have no heat, it’s been like 12 hours or so,” said resident Terry Morning, who was trying to keep warm in his car. “It’s an unfortunate situation. I’m dealing with it the best way I can.”

The displaced residents relieved when a crew from Oncor arrived shortly before noon to restore power. The Oncor technician working in the frigid temperatures for over an hour to fix the problem.

There were no injuries suffered in the fire and the cause is still under investigation.