Fire destroys donated coats meant for Dallas school children

An electrical fire damaged part of a Northwest Dallas home. But it's what was inside that is a major setback for a Dallas non-profit.

The home contained donated coats collected for Dallas schoolchildren.

A fire ripped through Sir Earl Toon’s Dallas home. He and his girlfriend were able to get out.

"The fire started going all over the roof. The smoke was going all over,” he recalled. “And if it wasn't for their due diligence, this house wouldn't be here at all."

But it wasn't the momentous from his long music career he was worried about. Rather, he’s worried about the hundreds of coats that were destroyed in the fire. They were part of the charity he’s supported for years called ‘Give a Kid a Coat.’

The coats that weren't destroyed by flames were ruined by water and soot. They were part of a larger donation of coats that sits safe in a warehouse.

"We need more,” Toon said. “We didn't get the coats that we wanted, and these coats are gone and we need more donations."

Despite the setback, Toon is still looking for something to celebrate and sees it as a call for more support. He hopes this tragedy will spark an emotion to help kids.

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