Feds reportedly investigating allegations of exploding NutriBullets; more victims come forward


The federal government has reportedly launched an investigation into NutriBullet following FOX 11’s investigations into allegations that the devices explode and cause graphic injuries.

FOX 11 is told the Consumer Product Safety Commission started looking into the device after FOX 11’s investigations on the NutriBullet, which were seen more than 12 million times.

Those reports can be seen here:

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“A representative from the CPSC’s Los Angeles office contacted me after the FOX story, my understanding is both that agent as well as agents throughout the United States have interviewed no less thatn 15 of our clients,” said Doug Rochen of ACTS law firm. “It has been escalated to the Washington D.C. office where my understanding is they are currently doing some type of analysis and investigation concerning why these products are still being sold.”

When FOX 11 reached out to the CPSC, we were told the agency cannot confirm or deny an active investigation.

Rochen represents all of the alleged victims FOX 11 has interviewed, and his firm has been retained by 90 clients who are in the process of suing NutriBullet, claiming the device exploded during regular use and left them with severe cuts or burns.

His latest clients include Kevin and Oliva Driscoll, a father and daughter who live in Thousand Oaks who claim their NutriBullet exploded last May, leaving them with severe burns.

“Soup went everywhere, and all I could hear was Olivia screaming behind me,” Kevin said.

According to their lawsuit against NutriBullet, they were using the device to make a broth of room temperature chicken stock and cooked vegetables, and blended the ingredients for a “brief and reasonable amount of time.”

“I let the NutriBullet go for a little while, probably about a minute,” Kevin said.

Olivia tells FOX 11 she touched the canister to get ready to turn it off, and noticed it was hot to the touch.
“When she touched it, she said Dad it’s too hot, I told her to leave it alone, I’ll take it off,” Kevin said.

“Went to the stove, put it over a pan on the stove and said step back, this thing is going to explode.”
Kevin told FOX 11 that’s when he began to unscrew the blade assembly from the canister, as he pointed it away from himself and his daughters.

“When he screws the lid I hear this popping sound, and I immediately knew something was gonna happen,” Olivia said.

According to their lawsuit, the “now scalding hot contents of the canister violently and forcefully erupted out of the canister, spraying the hot contents on Mr. Driscoll and his daughters.”

The lawsuit alleges that Kevin suffered second degree burns on both of his wrists, while Olivia suffered second degree burns to her face and eye area.

In response, NutriBullet provided FOX 11 the following statement:

“NutriBullet is dedicated to the safety and satisfaction of its customers. Every day, millions of NutriBullet customers blend nutritious smoothies from fruits, vegetables and nuts. NutriBullets present no safety issue if used as directed, including following the warning not to blend heated foods.
We are sorry Mr. Driscoll and his daughter were injured, wish them well in their recovery, and will thoroughly investigate how their incident could have occurred as claimed in their lawsuit. In this regard, NutriBullet has also been working with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission in evaluating accidents, such as that reported by the Driscolls.”

NutriBullet maintains that millions of customers use the product every day without issue, and that any cases of injuries are likely caused by user error.

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