FBI now investigating Dallas PD's massive data loss

The FBI is now involved in the investigation into the massive loss of the city of Dallas data affecting police files.

In August, officials revealed around 22 terabytes of data were deleted when a worker was moving files earlier this year. 

Some of that data is unrecoverable and is impacting ongoing criminal cases. The city has since fired the employee involved.

A city council committee investigating the matter met Friday afternoon.

During the meeting, Dallas police revealed an investigation into the employee could neither prove or disprove whether the employee had criminal intent.

However, new information about the loss of additional data spurred the department to go to the FBI for help.

"This past Tuesday, we met with the FBI and asked for their assistance," said Dallas Exec. Asst. Police Chief Albert Martinez. "And from that Tuesday meeting in their agreement, they are opening what they call an assessment."

An FBI spokesperson confirmed the agency is providing technical assistance to Dallas PD.

In addition, the city attorney's office is now searching for an outside firm that will conduct an investigation into the data loss. 


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