Family worried after Richardson woman, ex-boyfriend go missing

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The family of a Richardson woman is worried after nobody has heard from her in more than two weeks.

Family members of Camelia Perez Hernandez fear foul play may be involved since the married man she was apparently having a secret relationship with also disappeared.

Wednesday marks 16 days since the family members have heard from Camelia.

Silvia Perez-Hernandez is living in fear of the unknown after her sister fell off the grid. Her aunt fears for her safety.

The last time anyone heard from the 25-year-old Richardson real estate agent was on Monday, July 11 when Camelia talked to one of her sisters by phone.

The next day, Camelia failed to show up to a work event. Her boss grew concerned and called the family. Camelia hasn't been heard from since.

“Every day that goes by, it just makes it harder to keep faith,” said Silvia. “It's just hard not knowing where she's at or what's going on with her.”

The day Camelia vanished, the family learned she was seeing a therapist. Silvia said the therapist told them that Camelia had recently ended a secret relationship with a married man named Luis Rodriquez.

Camelia’s sister said he got a hold of Rodriguez by phone. He reportedly told her he was in Oklahoma but was driving back to help the family search for Camelia. Less than 24 hours later, he disappeared too.

But with no activity from Camelia or Rodriguez's cell phones or credit cards, the family’s faith is fading.

“Have some compassion to know that she's a human being, that she is a daughter. She is a sister. She is a friend,” said Silvia. “Let her come back home.”

Richardson police say Rodriguez's black four-door Nissan Titan pickup truck is missing. It has Oklahoma plates.

Investigators talked to Rodriguez's wife and say she didn't seem too concerned, adding that he comes and goes often.

Camelia's family said there is no way she would run off with him and fear she was taken by someone against her will.

According to the family, police searched her Richardson apartment and found that all of her clothes were gone, but her car was still there. Camelia's sister said when she talked to Rodriguez on the phone the day after she disappeared, he told her Camelia had sent him an email saying she was leaving North Texas for a while to be on her own. But the family doesn't believe him.

Camelia’s family has set up a Facebook page where people can share any information or tips they may have.