Family searches for hit and run driver that killed Fort Worth cyclist

A North Texas family wants to find the person who hit and killed a father riding his bike home in Fort Worth earlier this month.

Jacob Waganer, 34, was struck and killed while riding his bicycle on Interstate 35-W in Fort Worth. Police said a driver hit him as he was moving through this construction zone about 1 a.m. on April 2. That driver never stopped.

"The thing that gets me is how do you drive and hit someone and not stop to see if that person is alive and if you could possibly save their life,” said Waganer’s mom Mary Moore.

Moore said Jacob was just beginning to get back on track after dealing with two devastating losses. His father was killed in a car crash in Louisiana in 2013. Three months to the day that Jacob was killed his younger stepbrother brother was also killed in a car crash. 

Moore said Jacob loved spending every moment he could with his daughter Grace. He had a new job as a landscape designer and he was proud of the work he was doing with flowers and foliage.

"34-years-old and his little girl adored him so much. He loved her very much. When he was going through a hard time with the depression, he wanted so much to get it together,” Moore said.

Fort Worth police said they believe the vehicle that hit Jacob is gray or silver and would've had a missing passenger side mirror and noticeable damage to the passenger side.

Moore believes someone  out there may be able to help investigators. She's also hopeful the suspect themselves will come forward.