Family of teen shocked by light pole suing City of Cleburne

The family of a teenager who was severely shocked while playing in a Cleburne park last month has filed a lawsuit, accusing the city of negligence.

The suit, field on behalf of 16-year-old Jordan Diaz, says on July 1st this year:

"...he (JORDAN DIAZ) was inside the basketball/tennis court area of Hulen Park and he touched a light pole and was electrocuted."

"As a proximate result of the electrocution, catastrophic injuries were inflicted on Jordan Diaz."

Several days after the incident, Jordan’s father, Gabriel Diaz, told FOX 4 "Jordan is making great progress on his recovery,” but has not provided any updates on his condition.

The suit goes on to say:

“...The City of Cleburne either should have had actual knowledge of or had actual knowledge of the dangerous condition of Hulen Park.”

"It incenses us, to say that we knew there was a problem and we didn't fix it,” said Cleburne mayor Scott Cain.

Mayor Cain says the city was not aware of any electrical problems at the park.

“I have family and friends that play in that park and we take care of it. We've looked at all of our records and we've not found any indication that anybody had reported an issue on it,” he said.

The cause has not yet been determined. The mayor says that’s partially because the lawsuit was filed just two days after the incident.

"With the suit being filed so quickly, we were unable to get in there and be able to ascertain what happened and fix it, because we have a duty to preserve evidence.  But we've made the park safe.  That's important for people to know.”

Jordan Diaz’s family did not respond to questions about updates on his conditions, and FOX 4’s calls to his lawyer were not returned.