Family of slain Midlothian fitness coach: ‘We have to forgive'

After the murder of a Midlothian fitness instructor, the victim’s mother-in-law hopes an open letter she posted to social media will reach her daughter-in-law’s killer.

Missy Beavers was found murdered in a Midlothian church last Monday.  She arrived at the church early that day to teach a morning fitness class.

The family says they are moving on as best they can -- torn between trying to regain some kind of normalcy, while also wanting to keep the story out there to generate leads for police.

Marsha Tucker, Missy Beavers’ mother-in-law, says she thinks Missy's killer is someone who knew the mother of three and hopes that person hears her message posted on Facebook loud and clear.

“Your children will get to go visit you in prison forever reminded of your crazy senseless act. What a legacy you have doled out to your family,” Marsha wrote in the letter.

Her words pleading for someone who knows something or recognizes the person with the distinct walk wearing police gear on surveillance video to come forward. Despite police offering little new information, she's confident an arrest will come but it may take time.

“I think that's the key,” said Marsha. “They are not tipping their hand.”

Missy was laid to rest Saturday. Marsha says her three daughters are coping as best they can.

One asked Brandon, ‘how long will we be sad? When can we be happy again?’ And that's hard to answer,” said Marsha.

Brandon says he has immense faith in the investigative team and says he's at peace right now.

Marsha says hearing outsiders speculate and make accusations about her son is difficult. But she says she tunes it out, staying focused on supporting her son and granddaughters. Marsha says she leans on her faith and finding forgiveness for the mystery killer in otherwise paralyzing grief.

“God will forgive you. We will forgive you,” said Marsha. “I'm not saying it's easy and not saying there's not anger, but we have to forgive.”   

Midlothian police and their federal partners say they're still hard at work on this case but declining to say any more about where they are with the investigation.

A fund for donations has been established for Missy and Brandon's three daughters under 'Bevers Childen Account' at Citizens National Bank.

Donations can be made at any Citizens Bank location or by mailing to :

P.O. Box 717

Waxahachie, TX 75168