Family of 4-year-old girl found wandering in Plano located

Plano police have located family members of a little girl who was found wandering the streets early Monday morning.

Someone saw a 4-year-old girl walking around Legacy Drive and Chase Oaks Boulevard and called 911. Police said she was staying with her grandfather and somehow wandered off.

Police say Kimber and her older sister were staying with their grandfather overnight when somehow the 4-year-old got out of the apartment without anyone noticing.

Kimber was found by someone who lives at the Saxony at Chase Apartments around 5 in the morning. She was able to tell that person her name but could not remember where she was staying. The Good Samaritan called 911.

Police spent several hours asking residents if they knew where the little girl lived but had no luck.

"They just asked if I had known a little girl around 4 and I said, "There's a lot of kids in the complex.' That was basically it. And I said, 'Do I need to keep my eye out?' And they said, 'No, we found her. We just need to find her parents,'" said Beth Story.

The reason police believe no one recognized the little girl at the complex is because she lives with her grandmother, who is believed to be divorced from the grandad and lives elsewhere. She actually saw the picture of Kimber on the news and called police.

Kimber and the older sister have been returned to grandma, who is their legal guardian. CPS is looking into the case.

Detectives are still trying to figure out how the girl got out of the apartment and why the grandfather didn’t notice. No criminal charges have been filed, but police say that could change.