Family feud over Billy Bob's future continues in court

With the future of Fort Worth's legendary Billy Bob's on the line, some star power weighed in on the case.

Dallas Mavericks General Manager Donnie Nelson took the stand Monday afternoon. He's also a partial owner of Billy Bob's. Off the stand, Nelson said what the family feud is really over is real estate.

Billy Bob's has long been the place where stars are born and is, as Nelson put it, the grand ole opry of Texas. But some are concerned that plans to redevelop The Stockyards with a California-based realty company could change the character of the venue that is known around the world, not just for the live music, but also the live bull riding.

Now, there is a rodeo with serious implications unfolding inside a Fort Worth courtroom. Nelson is a ten percent owner of Billy Bob's, he testified for about a half hour in court. The dispute could end with Billy Bob's on the auction block.

“Billy Bob's is like this country — president proof. Billy Bob’s will be just fine no matter if I own it, the Hickmans, the Juries. I think it’s gonna be just fine,” Nelson said. “I think it’s a shame and I am embarrassed to be here. Because we can't get out of each other's way and develop some middle ground on how the Stockyards should be developed.”

Nelson said he is for developing the Stockyards, but he says it is crucial that it is done right.

This hearing is set to wrap up on Tuesday. The judge will be deciding if the current general manager, who is at odds with the majority owners, should remain in control until the lawsuit is resolved. His ruling likely won't come until next week.