Families welcome home U.S. Marine Corps squadron at Fort Worth naval reserve base

Families gathered Wednesday night to welcome home a U.S. Marine Corps squadron at Fort Worth's Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base. They just returned from a months-long deployment in the pacific.

After 6 months out on the Pacific Ocean, the U-S marines in the VMFA-112 Squadron are safely back in the U.S.

Crowded outside of a hangar at the Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base in Fort Worth, hundreds of loved ones could hardly wait for that welcome home hug.

After her brother missed her college graduation in December, Joseline Pita says she’s overjoyed the wait for his return is over. 

"It’s been really hard, but we’ve been all excited. And just seeing him again is gonna feel like the family is whole again," she said.

The squad of roughly 250 hasn’t stayed in one spot for more than three weeks, spending their time in places like South Korea and northern Japan.

Marines from Florida to Washington headed home to spend quality time with their families. But amidst the joyous reunions, many Marines have the conflict in Ukraine in the back of their minds.