Fallen officers honored at State Fair of Texas

It's estimated that 3 million people attend the State Fair of Texas.

Out of the millions, there are five who stand out, even among Big Tex.

On banners, above the entrance to the midway, watching over the crowds, are the faces of five people, killed protecting protesters: Dallas Police Senior Cpl. Lorne Ahrens, Sgt. Michael Smith, Officer Patrick Zamarripa, Officer Michael Krol and DART Officer Brent Thompson.

"It shouldn't have happened. It shouldn't have happened," Janelle Reynolds said.  "Well, I'm tearing up right now. That's really neat that they're doing that this year. They should be remembered."

Seeing their pictures makes Latoschia Williams remember being downtown on July 7th.

"I just feel like they didn't deserve what happened to them," Williams said. "I didn't think they were actually shooting at the police. I actually thought they were shooting at the protesters, but when I found out it was that, it was a totally different. I didn't understand the reasoning."

It's been almost three months. Dallas is still healing, but the grief and fear doesn't sting like it did in the days that followed.

At the fair, you might forget, until you see the officers protecting, like they did that night, or leading a parade.

"I look up to them for what they're doing here. They've got plenty heart because they have a rough job to do, but I really appreciate what they do,” Jerry Lee said.

There is one tribute to the fallen officers you cannot miss. On Big Tex's shirt is a blue ribbon with both the DART and Dallas Police Department badges.