'Faces of Service' art exhibit shows the human side of police working in Dallas

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A new art installation in Dallas shows the human side of police work.

A senior corporal worked in the field for months during her off time to photograph moments from the seemingly routine, to the incredibly emotional.

“I wanted to capture, in this exhibit, what commitment and dedication looks like for law enforcement, and for the city of Dallas,” Dallas PD Senior Corporal Lindsey Allen said.

“We hope the human side is on display. You see the laughter, you see the person behind the badge, but this is also good for our police officers. They come in here and they see each other and they see the different roles they play within our community,” Dallas PD Assistant Chief Angela Shaw said.

Allen took almost half of a year to compile the nearly 50 photographs for the "Faces of Service" exhibit.

The photos feature officers from all across the police department.

“We have volunteers that do it for free, we have officers, of course. They have many different jobs, like SWAT, K-9, they work in the helicopter unit, patrol officers,” Allen said. “So everybody has to be dedicated to their job. And I wanted to try and show that in a photography form.”

One officer who is featured in the exhibit says this is a big deal for her.

“For me, this picture means a lot to me because, even as a kid, I always wanted to be a police officer. So to stand in front of the house that I grew up in means a lot,” officer Tiffany Williams said. “Let my family know..I’ve made it, I made it.”

The exhibit is on display at the Janette Kennedy Gallery, located at 1409 S. Lamar St. in Dallas.