Ex-Hood County jailer arrested for inappropriate relationship with inmate

A woman who previously worked at the Hood County jail is facing charges for allegedly having an inappropriate relationship with an inmate.

Sheriff Roger Deeds said 23-year-old Rebecca Anderson was arrested in March for violating the rights of a person in custody, a state jail felony.

Anderson is free on a $5,000 bond after surrendering to police. She's accused of having sex with an inmate who she was in charge of overseeing at the Hood County jail. Anderson worked at the jail for just over a year and resigned in 2018.

Sheriff Deeds says an investigation began when they received tips, including from Anderson's boyfriend, who was not in jail.

“Something like that happens, it really does disgust me that it went on,” the sheriff said. “And I'm not going to tolerate that, so we turned it over and called in the Rangers right away on it."

Attorney Bill Walsh represents Anderson. He says mainly he regrets how attention drawn to the case paints Anderson unfairly with what he believes is a rush to judgment.

"She cooperated with the Texas Rangers coming in the minute she heard of some accusations,” Walsh said. “She is innocent until proven guilty. I've got it going in, it’s a constitutional right. Until there's some evidence presented that some jury would convict her beyond a reasonable doubt, she's innocent.”

Sheriff Deeds says the inmate involved has ''trustee status,” meaning the person was designated for a duty such as to cook, serve or clean.

“I've got to serve and protect them, feed them 3 meals a day, take care of them and make sure no harm comes of them for any reason,” the sheriff said. “So this should've never happened."

Deeds said as an elected official, he tries to be as transparent as possible and let the public know what is going on at the Hood County Sheriff’s Office.