Evacuation order lifted for Dallas homes, apartments after reported gas leak

An evacuation due to a reported gas leak in northwest Dallas was lifted Thursday.

Atmos said the evacuation orders were lifted about 2 p.m. Thursday for those evacuated from the Chapel Creek Apartments.

The evacuation on Wednesday night of 30 homes and 16 apartments were just a few miles from the site of a deadly home explosion last month.

Atmos has not yet said if they found a leak or not, but crews were going from house to house on Thursday. Atmos said the company is replacing the main gas line and service lines in the neighborhood.

A woman who is disabled said that the latest evacuation has been difficult for her.

“I want to know it is safe to come back home, I want to come back home. Everything is set up here for my condition,” said Mattie Duke.

Gas will remain out in the neighborhood until the main gas line and service lines are replaced over the next few days. That means no gas for stoves or hot water.

The company says it will be working directly with residents to provide assistance.