Euless police looking for drivers, crowd from street stunting takeover

Drivers of some fast, high-horsepower cars and crowds cheering them on are the targets of Euless police.

Police released video from earlier this week of who they're looking for.

The drivers were caught doing donuts, and the crowd surrounding them took over an intersection for the overnight stunting. When police arrived, the crowd used fireworks on police.

Euless police are currently tracking license plates and obtaining arrest warrants for those involved. The department says this is the first organized street takeover they’ve seen in its city. 

Matt Coronado watched what woke his wife up early Monday morning inside their Euless home: s street takeover on the other side of the fence. The marks from the burnt rubber are still seen on Friday. 

"She was in a panic and was like, ‘Matt, I think something happened!’" he said. 

Around 2 a.m. Monday morning, Euless officers were called to the intersection of Midway and Main.

Numerous street stunters were caught on camera. They and a crowd block the roadway while the drivers did burnouts and donuts.

Passengers while hanging out windows while dozens of young spectators capture the takeover on their cell phones. Some were in ski masks. 

"When I saw the video, I was taken aback," said Euless Police Cpt. Brandon Zachary.

As the crowd dispersed, sparking bottle rockets were thrown in the direction of police. 

"The kids that are out there. The young people out there, watching the stunting encouraging and yelling and climbing light pole to film," Zachary said.

According to Euless police, no arrests were made Monday morning. But investigators confirm they’re closing in on suspects shown in videos obtained by police. 

Euless PD says the Dallas Street Racing Task Force is also assisting. 

In Fort Worth city limits nearby, it’s a criminal offense to be a spectator at street racing or stunting events. 

"That’s the first loud thing we have heard since we have lived here," Coronado said.

Coronado says he watched through his front window spectators scatter down his street. He now hopes they all stay away. 

"I wouldn’t expect it around here. This is a really quiet neighborhood," he said.

The Euless Police Department also says one officer was hit in the head from one of the fireworks but didn’t have to be transported to the hospital.