ERCOT adds ancillary service to help keep the grid reliable this summer

You can now see what is necessary to support the state’s electric grid.

The Electric Reliability Council of Texas, the agency responsible for the Texas power grid, announced a new Contingency Reserve Service as summer demand is expected to put the electric network to the test.


New ERCOT website to warn of possible power shortages

As the temperatures rise this summer, ERCOT is rolling out a new system to give Texans a heads up about when they may need to conserve energy.

The ancillary service is designed to support the grid’s reliability and keep supply and demand balanced.

"As summer temperatures begin to rise across Texas and with high demand forecasted, we will continue to use all operational tools available, including implementation of new programs like ECRS," said ERCOT President and CEO Pablo Vegas. "ERCOT will also execute previous sessions’ legislative reforms, such as our weatherization inspections, and we’ll continue our reliability-first approach to operations, always prioritizing grid reliability."


ERCOT warns about tight power grid conditions this summer

The agencies in charge of the Texas power grid gave a sobering warning about their ability to make sure there’s enough electricity to meet demands this summer.

An online feature of the service will show real-time operations and any issues ERCOT is facing in responding to distributing power.

ERCOT said power generators and even consumers can also determine whether they should increase or decrease the supply of electricity in a matter of minutes or even seconds.